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Welcome to Peak IT Solutions, a Managed Service Provider, where we offer outstanding IT services with a smile! Serving the Northern Colorado Region and beyond remotely, we're striving to bring the humanity back to IT: friendliness, understanding, and service. Whether you're a residential or small to medium-sized business customer, we can handle all of your IT needs.

Home base: Estes Park | Colorado | USA

Secure IT Solutions for a more secure environment
Peak IT Solutions IT Services With A Smile Estes Park CO Colorado
Cloud file

Cloud Computing

Many companies, big and small, are intimidated by the almighty “cloud”. However, there is no need to be concerned. Yes, the cloud can be different than having a server in your office down the hall, but that can be a good thing. By moving your data offsite, you get more security, up time, and functionality while reducing your risks. We’ve implemented and supported cloud technologies for over two decades. We can guide you through the different options and determine the best solution for your company.



Security of your computer systems is a real problem in today's tech world. Peak IT Solutions knows how to keep you save from intrusions, viruses, malware, phishing schemes, and the lot.

Small businesses are often less equipped to prevent or overcome cyberattacks due to having smaller I.T. budgets and fewer resources.


This can allow data theft to go undetected and delay the recovery from hackers’ infiltration of your network, which can result in substantial downtime and cost thousands of dollars in damages.


Residential Computer Repair

Peak IT Solutions also offers on-site residential grade IT services and support offered at a discounted hourly rate than our typical business grade rate.Trouble with your computer? Pesky pop-ups? PC running slow? Need help with anti-virus solutions or virus irradication? Give Peak IT Solutions a call and book an in-home or remote appointment today and let your computer worries fade away!

  • Managed IT Solutions

  • IT Support and Consulting for Residential and Small-Business Customers

  • Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Whether you need an hour of assistance to fix a pesky problem on your home computer, or would like a partner in IT for your business, Peak IT solutions can help you!

As a Managed Service Provider, we become your IT department, handling all matters big or small from Support to consulting, infrastructure installation, and setup and maintenance.


Peak IT Solutions also offers training or tutoring for those wanting to expand their computer skills, hopefully becoming a wizard!

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