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For a limited time, new business customers will receive a free evaluation of their current IT situation and recommendations for improvements ($190 value).

New residential customers receive your first hour of labor free ($75 value).  Call us today! 970.444.4175

Remote Support

Computer and Hardware Sales

Remote Support Computer IT Help

An industry secret is that most IT work these days can be performed remotely from anywhere in the world. Peak IT Solutions is set up to do just that. The benefits to you as a customer are faster and more timely service, especially during critical times or outages.

Peak IT Solutions also is a partner with Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, and Watchguard and can procure any range of IT hardware solutions.

Networking and Network / System Administration

Network Networking Administration

Whether it's designing a network, installing routers or firewalls or switches, or simply pulling cable, we do it all!

Peak IT Solutions also acts as your own in-house IT guy, handling the duties of administering your entire computer network. We take care of everything from adding/removing users, maintaining your anti-virus solution, to securing your network.

Cloud Services and Solutions

Cloud Service Services Solutions

Many companies, big and small, are intimidated by the almighty “cloud". However, there is no need to be concerned. Yes, the cloud can be different than having a server in your office down the hall, but that can be a good thing. By moving your data offsite, you get more security, up time, and functionality while reducing your risks. We can guide you through the different options and determine the best solution for your company.

Onsite Support

Hardware Installation

Onsite Support Hardware Installation

Serving the northern Colorado region, we are able to support our customers on-site whenever the situation requires. Typical reasons for on-site visits include hardware installation, configuration, and support.

Currently Peak IT Solutions is supporting the following regions on-site: Estes Park, Allenspark, Lyons, Loveland, Fort Collins, Longmont, and Boulder.

For all other support scenarios, we can support our customers anywhere in the world. 

Home and Residential Support

Home Residential IT Support in Person On Site Onsite

Peak IT Solutions also offers on-site residential grade IT services and support offered at a discounted hourly rate than our typical business grade rate.

Trouble with your computer? Pesky pop-ups? PC running slow? Need help with anti-virus solutions or virus irradication? Give Peak IT Solutions a call and book an in-home or remote appointment today and let your computer worries fade away!

Computer Classes and Tutoring

Computer Classes and Tutorials

Feel like sharpening your computer skills or are you a computer novice that can turn the thing on but not much else, Peak IT Solutions is happy to offer 1 on 1 computer classes and tutorials for those who are wanted to learn more about how to successfully and efficiently operate their electronic devices and grow their skills.

The more sessions your purchase, the lower the price!

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